It is not a secret to tell you to eat real food. Cancers are chronic. The toxins in our body from processed food, environment and importantly emotions, accumulate and exhaust our liver. If you are taking any medications for your digestion, thyroid, blood pressure etc., your body is already taxed.​

You can keep your body strong at any age. It is your 1 body that you have, and you can heal! 

​Eat real foods with real nutrition,  ​

Responsible Omnivore -Meats, Eggs, Cheese, Milk

yes it is important how that animal was treated! Even if “hormone free” the nutrients the animals eats gets passed on to you. The stress an animal experiences goes to you through their hormone into the meat. 

​Eat Meats drink Milk from animals that lived in sunlight and lived a good life.

Why We Love Red Wine

East meets west head to head on the benefits of wine and why we love it. Sometimes even crave it. And dare I say on occasion to excess.  According to the US Wine Consumer Reports, in 2016 sales in the US topped over $38 billion in just sales from US wineries.

In search of wine benefits, the American Heart Association states 1-2 4 ounces of wine a day will provide countless benefits for you and your heart.  For starters wine is loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants we know destroy free radicals. Free radicals are unstable and unpaired electrons looking to be stable. Antioxidants give electrons to  stabilize free radicals while remaining themselves stable.

From the skin of the red grape we get resveratrol, and in many studies, including one from university of Virginia, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Resveratrol is also known for boosting brain power and weight loss by binding to insulin receptors.  Polyphenols give blood vessels flexibility. 

​American physicians cite benefits of red wine to include: Inhibit growth of cancer cells, lower cholesterol, weight loss, strengthen immunity, blood sugar levels, and boost brain power. No wonder wine is relaxing!

Now the Traditional Chinese Medicine view on the benefits of red wine. 5 element theory dates back to the Warring States period 476 BC.  Red Wine relates to the Fire Element. Color: red Taste: bitter, Organ: Heart, blood vessels, Emotion: Joy and passion, Emotions as pathology: vulnerable, irritable, discouragement. Times of the heart channel are 11-1pm and the pericardium which protects the heart is 7-9pm.  Consider having a glass of red wine at lunch while the heart channel is at its peak action potential.

What I love about Traditional Chinese Eastern Medicine is how it fits with Western medicine and deepens the understanding of what is going on with our body.  This is just one example, and one of my favorites.